Sunday, September 30, 2012

362. Tithing TENsion #4: How Can the Church Survive Without the Tithe?

Religious institutions have taken a Mosaic law known as tithing completely out of context and taught it as a new covenant principle when it comes to giving. So, how do churches and ministries get started, grow and continue to provide ministry if the practice of tithing your income isn't being taught?

We now have the Holy Spirit living within us to teach, lead and guide us. Each person can determine within their own heart what they give and how much, not because they are required to but because they are cheerfully willing to do so. But it's not about giving to build modern day mega-ministries; it's about sharing with each other and helping one another. Ministry under the new covenant is about building people, not building ministries.

Tithing TENsion #4: How Can the Church Survive Without the Tithe? (14 Min, 9.6 MB)
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  1. okay, I like, but is this free giving about money now when it was not in the old as mentioned in the other pod casts? I heard it is not about ten percent and that it is about a heart of giving so Giving what?

  2. This was another great audio lesson about giving out of a gracious heart and not obligated. I cannot tell you how many times I heard "Give this or you will be blessed." "The church is supported by your tithing." It is absurd to think how far away we gotten from scriptures.

    Thank God for your guys, I can live off this grace teachings. I will be sharing:)

  3. Yep indeed, I've heard all the same stuff over the years, Mike, and you're right - it just goes to show how far away from the scriptures the church has strayed. We hope this series will help people to look at what the scriptures really do say - and what the scriptures don't say - so that there can be freedom in giving rather than obligation and bondage.