Sunday, September 09, 2012

359. Tithing TENsion #1: The Tithe Was About Food (Not Money)

Few subjects have been more misunderstood that than the tithe. Tithing was something established with the Israelites under the Mosaic Law. It has been one of those old covenant laws that religion has carried over to the new covenant but completely twisted into something entirely different.

The tithe was never about giving a tenth of all your income, it was setup for 11 of the Israeli tribes to tithe food for the 12th tribe – the tribe of the Levites (priests) – who had not been given the inheritance of land. The "storehouse" is not a bank or a church. It was a place to store food. This begins a 4-part series.

Tithing TENsion #1: The Tithe Was About Food (Not Money) (14 Min, 9.6 MB)
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  1. Thanks Sarcasm_Mike. This series will continue for another 2 or 3 weeks, and we hope to bring out some other great biblical truths, and dispel falsehoods about tithing as well.

  2. Joel, i agree, and I am sure you are going to bring out further truth's involving why the levitical priesthood could own nothing that it was the other 11 tribes that actually were the ones that supported the levites so they could devote all their time to God. thanks for this, looking forward to the rest of the series

  3. Yep indeed, Howard, we're going to talk a bit more about the Levites and a few other things as well. You're right --- the Levites had no "inheritance," as God called it, while the other 11 tribes did have an inheritance. The inheritance included land and animals, so the 11 tribes would be able to feed themselves with crops and other food. God wanted the Levites to be devoted to the duties that he had given them under the Old Covenant, which meant that he didn't want them to have to work to raise their own food, so he had the other 11 tribes bring tithes so that they could eat. That's really what the original essence of the tithes was all about.

  4. Yes, yet did they not also support them with clothing, housing as well. In other words they owned nothing, wich is what you mean by inheritance right? And since they could own nothing, and they were to be supported through tithing, food, shelter, and clothing by the 11 tribes. Would this not mean that if I were to be under law, Tithing, being supported by my congregation of _______________, Then in order for it be true, I as the pastor could own nothing, I would have no need of money, because my congregation by law has to support me, so this goes two ways then. WOW!!!!!! Iam glad that today I am under the heart of giving rather than the tithing. For under tithing, no one is following the exact rules in it are they? This alone shows me my inability to obney the entire law in it's demands, when it flows through me I can't make it, I can fake it though as I have done, and hope never to again, fake it that is, but I will continue to seek out truth the truth that sets one free in Christ

  5. Indeed, I just got done posting a comment on Facebook saying that nobody today actually teaches (or follows) the true biblical tithe. The church has stolen the word "tithe," all the while ignoring all of the rest of what the scriptures actually had to say about the tithes.

  6. You know as well I have heard the words minced together tithes and offerings. This way I can get more money in my pocket. I know this perks up ears, to make people feel good about themselves but they are being used to store up someone else's house(s)When that money could have gone directly to one that is in need for food. I think people should listen to their own hearts and give as they are led to give not coerced, anyway I am looking to set truth straight as I know you are. It is sad when I, you or anyone else is led like sheep to the slaughter house and nothing is truly new under the sun, and whatever is done if it is done without God it is futile as in Ecclesiastes. Thanks Joel I appreciate vessels as yourself to stand for truth

  7. Indeed, Howard, when they say "tithes and offerings," the concept of "offerings" comes from the same place as the concept of the tithes: The Old Covenant. In the church, there is no such carryover of either tithes or offerings. We simply give as our hearts lead us, cheerfully and not under coercion or obligation, and definitely not for the purpose of making preachers wealthy.

  8. God bless you guys as you share the are setting people free from the shackles of religion... into the glorious liberty of the 'sons of God'