Sunday, April 22, 2012

339. God's Kindness Brings Constant Access to His Presence

Understanding the difference between the old and new covenants will bring a revelation of God's compassion, mercy and kindness. This week we talk about God's kindness towards us and how we gained permanent access into His presence that was not available under the old covenant. A great illustration of this is when the veil of the temple was torn in two. It was at the point of Christ's death when He was able to declare "It is Finished."

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  1. Thanks for the podcast you all. thanks for the reminder that we are forgiven therefore we can appraoch the throne of grace with confidence, When we do fall back under the law. we have an advocate, not to take advantage of but to appreciate and thus learn how to walk in the spirit, being always seated with god in the holy of holies, and when we do this there is no time to sin, beacause we are one with God.
    Love you all Howard

  2. Yep indeed, Howard, it really is good news all the way around!

  3. Howard, I haven't yet read Heaven Is Now, but I've heard soooo many great comments about it and I will be getting my own copy of it soon. Andrew's books are great. I also recommend The Naked Gospel and God Without Religion. If everybody could understand the biblical truths that are shared in these books, the church would be thriving in God's love and grace!