Sunday, April 15, 2012

338. Trying to Pay God Back

Recently we've been discussing the ultimate price that God has paid for us. Sometimes in religious circles you'll hear how our lives should be dedicated with an attitude of trying to pay back the Lord for all He has given us. This causes the focus of the Christian life to become more about us laying down our lives for Him and what we should be sacrificing. What God bought for us was not a loan. The amazing story and focus of the true Gospel should always be what He has done for us, not the other way around. Our response is simply from a grateful heart.

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  1. Now that you mention it, I really took exception to the way you interpreted the word "and" in John 17:22. We’re obviously not on the same page. I took it to mean "and" and it seems to me that you interpret it as "And". I can't even go that route. Doctrines around coordinating conjunctions can lead to major disagreements and then to the outbreak of religious wars. :)

  2. My comment is linked to podcast 338 (~3:40-7:00 minutes) and also the reference to John 17 (presumably verse 22; ~7:10-7:35 minutes). Should theoretically be ungracey to get into an argument over a conjunction. Had an NRSV nearby and went after the first conjunction in the verse, which happened to be “And”. Comment may not be as funny as I first thought.

  3. Ah, ok... I see. :) I wasn't sure what "Now that you mention it" was in reference to. It appeared as if you were in the middle of a conversation with someone else. But now in light of the references you gave about what we said on the podcast, it makes much more sense now. :)