Sunday, March 04, 2012

332. God's Will for You Has Been Revealed

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"What is God's will for my life?" That is a question that many people often find themselves asking, and struggling to try to figure out. But what if it wasn't so hard to figure out? What if God's will for you has already been revealed? Would that take the pressure off of you?

The truth is that God's will, which was once a mystery - which was once hidden - has been revealed! We don't need to go searching for it or trying to figure it out. God has revealed His will. The surprising thing for many people is that God's will is not a specific course in life that we are meant to follow. It's not a set of instructions or directions that God wants us to try to keep. It's not a certain set of actions that we need to do. The will of God is a Person. The will of God for you is Christ Jesus, and His will has been fulfilled in you!

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  1. Joel i think his will for each and all peoples is his LOVE in and through each and every believer, and i agree it is not something one must do. It is what one when receiving the unfathomable LOVE that the Father has provided through his son, unto the Holy Ghost, how can one not Love, Not Forgive, for only one will only forgive as much as they themselves think that they are forgiven or love as much as they believe they are loved. I know you have received this, for it is apparent in your writings, for I have not felt any schisms in you or predudice towards anyone, and this is the sign of one living by the Holy Spirits instructions of truth.
    Thank You Joel for being you in the born again life of receiving the Spirit of truth

  2. Good stuff, Howard. Indeed, love is what it's all about. In this is love, not that we loved God but that He first loved us, and so therefore I believe you're correct that it's only as much as we know God's love and forgiveness for us that we will be able to live that way towards others.