Sunday, March 11, 2012

333. Trying to Live By a Moral Code

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Many will say that one of the biggest challenges in their Christian life is trying to live up to a moral standard that is considered worthy and acceptable to God. Countless people have fallen into guilt and condemnation because their sincere efforts to live a moral lifestyle have failed time and time again. So what is the answer? Is there a key to victory?

This week, our conversation centers around the suggestion that we avoid failure by no longer "trying" to live up to a moral standard. Allow the spotlight to come off of you and let it shine on the Star of the show: "Christ in us the hope of glory." We have been gifted with new life and identity. Living the Christian life is not about us and our attempt to attain to an acceptable moral code. It's about Him and what He has already done for us. He is the one that started the work in you and He will be the one to complete it.

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  1. may i add to this moral code everything you said is true except it is not Christ that lives in us it is the Holy ghost that Christ sent after leaving this world to the righthand of God seated in rest for his wotrk is finished he filled the old covenant along with the prophets. WE today are instructrd by the Holy Ghost unto the Father of Jesus

  2. I know what you're saying, in that the New Testament is filled with stories of the Holy Spirit being poured out upon people, and people being filled with the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit speaking and giving direction at various times, etc. I think a case can also be made for Christ living in and through us, such as Galatians 2:20 and Colossians 1:27, and other such scriptures, and of course those scriptures are referring to the Spirit of God Himself, and is also referred to as the Spirit of Jesus Christ a time or two in the scriptures.

    1. Yes Joel all three are one, speak of one and you speak of the other two parts that make the whole. Each has there job. Christ matthew 5:17 sated he did not come to destroy the Law and Prophets, rather he came to fullfill, then went out to show the people through the leading of the Spirit of truth, being directed by the Father himself, unto the cross, where in John 19:30 he yelled out it is Finished, and gave up the Ghost. Then Hebrews 9:15 onward explains why he was dead for three days which brought proof of the death, which by death brought in the new covenant. Then he hung around for forty days explaining to the disciples why all this was to take place. Then he goes to leave and Christ say if I do not ascend I will not be able to send you the Holy Ghost (Spirit of truth) Go and wait for the Holy Ghost to come upon you. John 16. Holy Spirit did do exactly this and here today doing as it is said in John 16:9-15. You see an egg has three parts yet it is one egg, each part has a certain function
      The shell is Jesus who came to Earth, to take away the sin of the world through his Fathers sight. The white was, is the Holy Ghost that led Jesus, and us the believers today, The Spirit of truth, as in John 16. The yoke who remained in the heavens, the Father waiting for Jesus' job to be done so the Father could view the believer through his son Christ to you, me and all that believe as percfect. Thus through the Spirit of truth, no longer judge anyone on the basis of sin and death, now he has become to the believer, a guide training us to trust him in all things, we end up so focused on his love, we forgot all about sin, our consciences purged as it says in Hebrews, Eating now off the tree of life, that was guarded until the day of Christ Jesus. Sorry Joel I do get alittle long winded, but yes Brother it is Christ, The Holy Ghost and God the Father living in and through the believer. The more we die to the flesh the more realization one has of all three as one. I view it this way also, Water is also Ice and Steam, yet it all water. Now when in him you become one with him x1 x1 x1 x1, and as each believer comes to the fold it stays 1, love you brother in Christ