Sunday, February 26, 2012

331. The Law Wasn't God's Will - Jesus Was God's Will

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Many Christians think that God's law (including the Ten Commandments) is God's will for mankind, and even more so for Christians themselves. But as we look at what the scriptures reveal about the true purpose of the law, we find quite the opposite!

The law stood opposed to mankind. The reason for this is because the law is good and just and holy, but people, in and of themselves, are not. All the law can do is to condemn. Many think that what was needed was for "bad" people to become "good," and that this could happen by keeping the law. But man's problem wasn't that they were "bad," and in need of becoming "good" - and the law couldn't have helped them anyway! Rather, man's problem was that they were dead to God, and were in need of Life.

The law could provide neither the life nor the righteousness that man lacked and needed. But what the law could not do, God did through the one sacrifice of Jesus Christ! The law had a purpose in God's overall plan. But overall, the law wasn't God's will for man. Jesus was (and is) God's will for man!

All of this also ties in with Hebrews 10:26 (the verse about "if we sin willfully... there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins"). This verse needs to be looked at in the context of the entirety of what the writer of Hebrews is saying, and we discuss that as well this week.

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  1. i think if we would look at Hebrews 5:11 through 6:6 there is very good info here that unifies the truth for hebrews 6:1 -6:6. When the bible was added verses and chapters hebrews 6 should have started at hebrews 5:11, then maybe more believers would get into the meat of the word where it is love that goes on forever and Christ is not coming back ever to re sacrifice himself, or shed anymore blood, it is finished, yet our churches are still taking the people captive through the letter of the law. Thanks Joel for your continued ministry of the liberty of the law, mercy that God has had all the way from the begining

  2. Right on, Howard. There are too many churches who are still teaching law, and keeping people in bondage through this teaching. Some do it willingly and deceptively and some simply don't know any better.

    I agree with you about Hebrews, and the verse and chapters. Kap and I have often recommended that people read the book as a whole, or at least begin by going back to previous verses and chapters in order to more fully understand overall points that are being made. That makes such a huge and impactful difference when reading Hebrews.