Sunday, December 18, 2011

322. When Did the New Covenant Begin?

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The chronology of our Bibles might lead us to think the that New Covenant began at the beginning of the writings that we call the New Testament. Many make the assumption that it all started with the birth of Jesus at the beginning of Matthew (Mark, Luke or John). During the Christmas season, more than ever we realize that the birth of Jesus was and is something to celebrate. God became a human, born of a woman and as we stated last week, He was born under the Law.

Another word for testament in the Greek is the word "covenant." This week we examine how the scripture reveals that a testament or covenant is not in effect until after the testator dies. The idea that the New Covenant began at Jesus' birth has led to much confusion about the books referred to as "the Gospels."

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  1. I really enjoyed this podcast, I love how you bought out that the new testament did not come in existence,until after Jesus died and was raised. Time and time again, Jesus referenced the law, but now that Christ has fulfilled the law, we are under no obligation to follow it.

    The whole prayer really got to me, cause I was taught to recite that prayer in service all the time. I am glad by listening to this podcast, God revealed to me how that prayer was also under the law.

    We are under a Covenant, thank God for Grace.

    Merry Christmas to you both, I am anticipating a great new year with brand new episodes!

  2. I also grew up reciting the prayer every single week during the church service. I really hadn't thought much of it during all those years, but then when I began to better understand the New Covenant, and started paying attention to the words in that prayer, I began to question why we pray that prayer today.

    Also, the understanding that much of what Jesus said was directed to people who were under the Old Covenant, and was not a teaching for Christian believers, has really helped me to understand more of the words that He spoke that used to be confusing to me, since they contradict the message of the New Covenant. Paul's epistles especially help me to see the differences and purposes of each more clearly.