Sunday, December 11, 2011

321. Jesus Taught the Law

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In the sermon on the mount in the book of Matthew, Jesus began to teach in a way the Jews had never heard before. But was Jesus providing new principles for living under the new covenant or was he teaching the old Law in a more revealing way to help those Jewish people understand they needed something other than the commandments of the law?

The book of Galatians states that Jesus was born of a woman, born under the Law. He was indeed the Son of God in the flesh but Jesus was a prophet under the old covenant. Many of His teachings were aimed specifically at the Jews of that day by holding up the Law as a tutor that would lead people to His life instead of trying to keep commandments that could never make them right with God.

Jesus taught the Law but it was intended to make us guilty before God, yet from the beginning He never intended for us to keep it. There is a better way...Him.

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