Sunday, December 04, 2011

320. Performing Old Covenant Ceremony Lands Paul in Prison

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It sounds strange that someone would end up in prison for trying to keep the law. Yet that's what happened to the Apostle Paul. Sort of.

Jewish Christian leaders had an intense disagreement with Paul and some other apostles regarding this controversy that Paul taught of forsaking the law of Moses. In the effort to find common ground, Paul agreed to participate in an old covenant type of purification ceremony (which included an animal sacrifice). The Jewish leadership was eager to show other Jews that Paul walked according to their customs and also kept the law.

Afterwards, Paul would speak about the amazing ministry of Christ to the Gentiles. But that would cause the crowd of legalistic zealots to lose control which led to Paul's arrest and ultimately to prison where he would eventually write much of the New Testament. Based on Paul's NT writings, perhaps this experience caused Paul to realize there could be no compromise when it came to Faith and Law.

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