Sunday, November 27, 2011

319. The Moral Code Has Been Wiped Out

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Religionists will argue that without a moral compass such as the 10 Commandments, people will run amuck and be led astray into a life of immorality and ungodliness. The problem that still exists with this line of thinking is that no law can make us right with God... not one. As Paul said in Galatians, if there were a law (a work to perform) that could have made us righteous then one would have been given. So why would anyone want to live under a system of rules that is guaranteed to fail and bring guilt and condemnation? Why try to abide by something that is opposed to you?

There is one way to connect with the living God and that is through the blood of Jesus Christ. So how should we approach the Christian life if there are no rules for people to follow? How are we supposed to live without written commands? After all, the Bible is clear they were taken out of the way and nailed to the cross. The answer doesn't lie so much in the "how" but rather the "Who."

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