Sunday, October 09, 2011

312. Subtle Legalism and the Danger of Mixing Covenants

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Outright legalism - the straightforward teaching of "pure" law or the "pure" Old Covenant - is usually pretty easy to spot and to understand. In a similar way, it's also easy to recognize the pure, straightforward teaching of grace. But what happens when law and grace mix? What happens when the New Covenant is taught with various aspects of the Old Covenant mixed into it?

This is unfortunately all too common in the church today, and it can be difficult to sort through it all. But not only can it be difficult, it can also be dangerous, harmful, frustrating and confusing for people who simply want to know Christ alone! The work of Christ is a final work and a sufficient work. There is nothing to mix in with it, and in fact when anything is mixed in with it, it nullifies it. And yet this "hybrid covenant" (mixing the Old Covenant with the finished work of Christ) happens all the time in the church!

It's hard to stand on solid ground when two opposing foundations are being mixed together. This week we talk about the dangers of doing this and the importance of teaching and standing on the foundation of pure grace.

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