Sunday, October 02, 2011

311. Is Our Testimony Based on Changed Behavior?

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It's a common practice in the church for people to give their "testimony." That is, they share what happened to them when they became a Christian. Almost always, a person's testimony revolves around how their behavior changed when Christ came into their life. They talk about how they used to be involved in certain "bad" behaviors, but then they changed. They stopped doing those bad things and their actions became "good."

While we don't want to invalidate the wonderful changes that happen in people's lives, and while there can be value in these types of testimonies, is this really what life in Christ is about? Is our true testimony in Christ based upon changed actions, or did God do something far greater than simply cause a behavior change?

The awesome truth of the gospel is that we are "born again" and that in Christ we are "new creations." Does this simply mean that we've changed from "bad to good," or does our true testimony go so much farther and deeper than a change in our outward behavior?

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