Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doug Meeker - Worship is About Jesus - Part 2

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When Doug Meeker visited my home a couple of weeks ago, and when we sat down to talk about the topic of "worship," I had no idea how rich the time and conversation would be! You're not going to get the usual, common, standard thoughts and perspectives from Doug when it comes to talking about worship.  In this chat we discuss the question of "what worship looks like," and Doug gives an illustration that shows how it doesn't have to look any certain way and in fact can look lots of different ways to different people.

While our conversation is mainly in the context of corporate worship, in which people get together to sing and praise God, everything that is said is easily translated into our life in Christ in general as well.  In the end, if our focus is on Christ (with worship being defined as "whatever you ascribe worth to"), then we don't have to be worried or concerned about what it looks like.  Doug shares things that are helpful in moving away from being self-conscious about what worship looks like and instead to having a Christ-consciousness.  That is, simply being focused on the object of our worship - Christ Himself - and simply responding to Him and His life and love.

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