Sunday, January 31, 2010

226. Responsible or Response-Able?

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Sometimes the question comes up, "Do we have 'responsibilities' as Christians?" Are we responsible to live the Christian life? Does God do His part, and now it's up to us to be responsible to do our part?

This week we explore the idea that rather than God requiring us to be responsible to live a certain way, He instead has placed His very life in us and makes us response-able (that is, able to respond) to His working in and through us.


  1. Hey! I like this!!! I never thought about it, but yeah... response-able. Huh. How about that..and I haven't even listened to the podcast yet.. but I will here in just a minute :-)

  2. Okay--I listened, and I like! Never thought about being 'response-able" instead of "responsible" makes more sense and sounds more restful!
    Thanks guys!

  3. Loved it! God wanted something done right, so He did it Himself! That was a great thought..also the dictionary definition of responsibility was downright scary and sounded very Old Covenant..made me glad Jesus takes care of all responsibilities in the New, and I get to rest!

  4. I have turned over more new leaves in my life than there are pages in "War and Peace!" Up until I learned the true meaning of Grace, that is.
    The 3 greatest things I've learned in my 63yrs. are
    1. Jesus Christ died for my sins

    2. That I cannot live the Christian life. Only God can live it through me.

    3. Faith rest! That by trusting in His promise that He will complete the good work He started in me, and I can have peace in my life no matter what I may encounter.

  5. Hi jeangnome,

    Thanks for your comment... I hear ya on that! Your "new leaf" comment reminded me of a song from the 80's by the Pet Shop Boys called "It's a Sin. One of the verses goes:

    Father forgive me
    I tried not to do it
    I turned over a new leaf
    Then tore right through it...

    Many people are trying every day to turn over new leaves, when all we can really do (and what we were reborn as new creations to do) is to trust Christ to live His life through us.

    Thanks again for sharing... spot on!