Sunday, March 14, 2010

232. Let Love Displace Fear

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Fear can be crippling. There's no doubt about that. The sad fact is that even many believers live in fear (afraid) of God, and don't understand all that He's done for us and that He is for us, not against us. It's easy for many to believe He loves them when they're doing 'right,' but it's harder to accept the reality of His love when they're not. But He loves us unconditionally. He is love. We were never meant to live in fear of Him, even when we've done wrong.  God is not the "accuser of the brethren."  Satan is.  God is not our destroyer; He's our deliverer.

There are too many people living in fear and condemnation.  Fear changes our perception of our loving Father.  It negatively changes how we see Him and relate to Him.  But fortunately it doesn't change the reality of His unconditional love and it doesn't change His view of us.  It doesn't change how He relates to us.  So we need to let love have it's way with us.  We need to displace fear with love.

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