Sunday, March 21, 2010

233. Fear Comes from a Wrong Perspective of God

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Many people unfortunately live with a very unhealthy fear of God (being afraid of Him), all because of a wrong perception of who He is and how He sees us and relates to us. A message of law and of God's wrath and anger toward sinful behavior is taught as a means of trying to stop people from sinning and to keep in a right relationship with Him. But that message doesn't stop sinful behavior and it doesn't help people turn to God or draw close to Him, not to mention that it doesn't represent God or His good news!

This week we talk about how a true biblical 'fear' of God does not mean that we are to be afraid of Him, but rather is more closely defined as "awe and reverence" or "worship."  Joel's recent Growing in Grace Together guest Doug Meeker gave a great definition of the essence of worship - "love responding to love."  The message of a God who is angry with us and who we are to be afraid of certainly doesn't cause people to respond in love!  And that message comes from a wrong perception of God.

We encourage you to believe God's astounding opinion of you! (in the words of another recent guest, Ralph Harris).  Believe His love for you and believe how He passionately pursues you!

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