Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ralph Harris - Better Off Than You Think - Part 2

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Part 2 (of 2) of my chat with Ralph Harris, who is with LifeCourse Ministries and has written a book called Better Off Than You Think - God's Astounding Opinion of You. Part 1 is here.

Last week Ralph mentioned that during the last few years, he's seen more and more people "getting" this truth about God's astounding opinion of them and the truth about their new nature.  He shares some of his experiences in telling people about the wonderful way that God and everyone in the heavenlies sees them!  Ralph also talks about various authors and various books he has read that line up with what God has shown him over the years.

Among other things, Ralph also talks about what he terms the "Monster Mash" - the conflict within that is between the Holy Spirit and the flesh - but that is not our conflict.  We are not the Spirit and we are not the flesh.  We are who we are!  The monster that I sometimes think I am, because of what's going on inside of me and because of my outward behavior, is not me at all!

I think you'll be highly encouraged all throughout this conversation.  The truth will make you free as you see and accept the wonderful truth of who God has already made you to be, and of His astounding opinion of you!

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