Sunday, March 23, 2008

134. Assurance of salvation / Alive with Christ

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  1. Indeed, it is very easy to fall back into the works mentality. Everything in my mind can sometimes tell me that surely I must do SOMETHING. I can't just stand before God on judgment day with nothing to offer! How scary is that!? I think this thinking comes because our mind (at least mine does) has terrible difficulty in grasping the love of God. I get glimpses of it, but my body simply doesn't have the capacity to take it all in. We just can't seem to fully understand that the holiness of God is not cold and hard. Man's "holiness" is cold and hard. God's holiness is tender love...Agape.

    There is no fine print to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

    Also...It's great to finally see what Mike looks like!! lol

  2. Yep it's very easy to fall back into that mentality! Religion keeps trying to get us back under its reins! Religion makes us think that we have something to offer God, and it wants to keep us distracted from the fact that we received Life, not because we reached out to God and did something for Him, but because He reached out to us and did something for us!

    Also...It's great to finally see what Mike looks like!!

    LOL. We build our own mental pictures of what people look like when we've never seen them, don't we? :) There are people who I heard on the radio for years, and then I finally saw what they looked like, but I still pictured them in the "old" way for a long time to come!

    There are also people I've met in the blogosphere who I still don't know what they look like! All I know is that however I have them pictured is most likely nowhere close to how they really look. :)