Sunday, March 16, 2008

133. Rules and formulas vs. Love and delight

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  1. I like your Hospital Courier definition!

    Oh yeah, the intro voice. She's a friend of ours, a former DJ who used to work at the radio station where we used to work.

  2. It's Mr. Webster's definition, I don't like to make stuff up.

    Also I shoulda said ,"Fits ya like a glove".

    ps. I think I'd like to have a job like yours.

  3. I mean... I like how you put the two together like that. :)

    A job like mine... I started the job several ago because I'd been working as a Cardiac Monitor Tech for a year and a half (after having began in the hospital as a Nurse Aide), and it was a very, very boring job! I sat in a small room and stared at heart monitors all shift long. Unfortunately the only exciting thing about that job was when something was going wrong with a patient's heart!

    So I needed a change, and the courier position opened. I figured it would only be temporary, but now I've been doing it for 14 years! In a sense, it's a very 'free' job. Free, in that I'm not stuck in an office, and also 'free' in that that's about what it costs them to employ me. ;)

  4. That's great how it worked out for ya. I really would like something like that...

    I know it sounds weird and all but when you said hospital courier, it came to me to look up the words even though I knew what they meant, anyway I did and to our surprise those were the first things Webster said and ya gotta admit,, fits pretty good...

    I really don't know what motivated me to look it up...
    any how, neat stuff, I suspect a God thing...

    also sometimes communicating with new friends in this format can be tricky for me because the other person aint there to hear my tone or see my body language, so long story short, I try not to get offended easily out here cause I cant see you either,,, I knew what you meant and that you knew I wasn't making it up.. nor was I irritated in any way, shape or form..
    Appreciate your friendship and acceptance

    ps. Good now we can go back to ribbing each other...

    ps. ps. these archives really are a gold mine, thanks for posting them.

  5. Leonard,

    Yeah, I 'get' you on the communications thing. Especially in writing, it's hard to get the full gist of what's being communicated. People might take a joke as an insult, or they might take a long explanation (or a lack of explanation) in the wrong way. The cool thing about the people I've gotten to know through the blogs is that there is lots of grace and love to be found, even in misunderstandings and the occasional disagreement too.