Sunday, July 07, 2024

970. Abraham Believed and Was Declared Righteous (Faith Not Works)

Paul appears frustrated as he addresses "you foolish Galatians" in the beginning of Chapter 3. Why? They had started out receiving the Spirit of God by faith but were being lured by a more popular persuasion from men who came from James—and had started to convince these Gentiles to adhere to the old Jewish law in combination with faith in Christ. This led to Paul carefully laying out an explanation over the next couple of chapters or so of how works and faith could not be mixed when it came to their salvation and right standing with God.

Abraham and the foundational message of a promise made to him by God will be Paul's launching pad to explain how the law was a curse and was not of faith. It will be fruitless and ineffective for them to think perfection could come through works (the flesh).

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