Sunday, May 05, 2024

961. "I'm Exhausted" (How Can I Rest in the Finished Work of Christ?)

Try harder, do more, read the Bible more, be extra dedicated to church, pray more (and sometimes pay more). Someone wrote to us to share their background of feeling obligated to spend as much time as possible working to do everything they could "to connect with God." Many of us can relate to chasing the imaginary spiritual golden carrot that seemed to dangle just out of our reach. In their words, it left them exhausted—and the enemy will use this against us—while we lose sight of our identity as a believer in Christ.

Jesus had a message for the religious workaholic: He desires to give rest. It's the opposite of exhaustion. Unlike the law that the Jews were pursuing, it's the opposite of burdensome. His yoke is not one of imprisonment, but it is light and easy. When we begin feeling spiritually or emotionally weary and overloaded, we're probably traveling in the wrong direction—and God wants to help us with that.

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