Sunday, April 14, 2024

958. Having Knowledge of God's Love Vs. Knowing God's Love

Love may be the most talked about thing in every corner of the world while also being at the forefront of what people think about throughout their daily life. After all, we're pretty much bombarded with it everywhere we turn—at least in various forms—in our songs, books, entertainment, relationships, etc. Certainly, our churches focus much on love, especially about God's love and the importance of loving each other.

But do we really understand love? Can it even be comprehended intellectually with the mind, or does it go much deeper? Is love just a feeling? An emotion? Love exposes the naivete of atheists who are found to be in over their heads, failing to effectively explain the love factor into their silly equation of a Godless universe—because they can't resolve what they don't know or have not experienced.

What about the individual sitting near the back row week after week in the corner of the church building? Have the doctrines of men kept them from recognizing and realizing the revelation of the One who is love? Clearly, God wants us to know the love of Christ (which surpasses knowledge) and to truly believe in this love that He has for us. When our hearts begin to receive what the Spirit desires to reveal, it changes everything.

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