Sunday, August 06, 2023

922. Sharing the Good News of Justification by Faith - Not Behavior Modification

When sharing the good news of eternal life in Jesus Christ, Christians will often have the end game of bringing their prospective disciple into a school of lifestyle and behavioral changes. The person on the receiving end begins to interpret the gospel as one of needing to change what they do in order to identify as a saved believer in Christ. Do the "right" things, and they'll receive God's blessings and approval. Do the "wrong" things, and they risk the opposite.

Our discussion this week is meant to be an exhortation for us who abide in grace to stay focused on the true message of God's love and the gift of salvation apart from works. When we can do this, it will be much more beneficial for hearers of the good news to recognize their need for a Savior ... believing freely in what Jesus provided for them, without fearing that they need to change who they are to become like other religious robots who think their right-standing with God is based upon behavior. Good changes in their life can happen without us needing to give them a religious code of conduct that they should be expected to follow in order to stay in God's grace.

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