Sunday, June 04, 2023

914. Were the Cross and Resurrection Really Necessary?

There are those who will attempt to communicate that the sacrifice of Jesus wasn't necessary and wasn't the will of God. It would seem that if this were true, it would have been plainly stated by Paul or someone else within their writings instead of people today pasting individual Bible verses together as if they were pieces to a puzzle to be arranged to fit an assumed narrative or belief.

So what did Jesus say about this? Did he predict he would be “murdered,” or did he suggest something else? He knew why He came and what was coming. The OT prophecies had plenty to say about the suffering of the Messiah, and the New Testament records substantial information about the blood of Jesus and what it meant for us as it relates to forgiveness of sins, the removal of sins, eternal redemption, and much more. Without his blood being shed, we would have no covenant.

The book of Hebrews reveals it is true that God did not desire sacrifices and burnt offerings for sin ... he took no pleasure in them which were offered according to the Mosaic law (because they couldn't fully deal with the problem of the sin issue). But the writer would go on to explain how the sacrifice of Jesus Christ would bring a permanent solution, while wiping out the religious system of law and works which contained the sacrifices of animals which could never take away sin. Jesus came to do the will of God with a holy sacrifice to end all other sacrifices, once for all.

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