Sunday, February 26, 2023

900. False Assumptions: "If We Sin Willfully" (Hebrews 10:26)

After taking a few minutes to recognize the milestone of our 900th weekly podcast, we pay a visit to another false assumption that the ministry of fear loves to pour on top of people. And yes, once again it involves plucking a Bible verse completely out of context from the book of Hebrews that will be advertised in a way that suggests a person may lose their salvation if they sin deliberately. They will imply the sacrifice of Jesus will not be able to save them for "willful" sins. We will point out who the writer is communicating to and some things they said over several chapters leading up to this "verse" which we hope will bring some peace of mind—because the gospel is supposed to be good news—not a message of discomfort.

The writer is explaining to Jewish people about the contrasts between the New Covenant of Christ and the former Old Covenant of law and animal sacrifices ... and how the old way was annulled. If they were to reject the sacrifice of Jesus which brought eternal forgiveness and took away sin once for all, there would be no sacrifice left for sins. So this is not referring to people who sin (as we all do), but it is aimed at those who reject the only sacrifice God provided to take away their sin.

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