Sunday, February 05, 2023

897. False Assumptions: Unconfessed Sins Will Hinder Your Fellowship With God

When a single Bible verse is taken out of context and becomes completely misunderstood, it will often result in a ripple effect which will lead to more misunderstandings, which can lead us away from a better understanding of the truth as it relates to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We're following up from our previous program regarding the repeated confession of sins ... and how this false assumption leads to another one you may have heard or been taught.

A common church doctrine or teaching is that unconfessed sins are defined as unforgiven sins, which will hinder your "fellowship" with God. But is this what the Bible really says for us who are in Christ, inside of a new and better covenant? The answer is no. No matter how far off the trail that a works-based religion will try to take people, the true gospel is always good news.

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