Sunday, January 29, 2023

896. False Assumptions: Continuous Confessions Bring Repeated Forgiveness From God

It's our first program on the topic of false assumptions, regarding many traditional mindsets related to the Bible, Jesus, the gospel, etc. An overwhelming assumption taught by many church organizations is the need to confess sins to God in order to seek a renewed forgiveness. The idea pretty much revolves around one single, solitary Bible verse taken out of a much larger context, and then making a doctrine out of it. We'll bring "the verse" into a framework so it matches with the rest of Scripture as it relates to the New Covenant and also to whom John was speaking to in the first chapter of his first epistle.

In the Old Covenant, a temporary forgiveness came by repeatedly confessing sins onto sacrificial animals as their blood was shed, but it could never take away the sins of the people. God's eternal forgiveness came through blood through the Lamb of God—Jesus—and it only needed to be shed once for all. Continuously trying to keep up with every wrong thought or action is a heavy burden that will never deliver people from a consciousness of sin ... and yet, this is why Jesus came ... to free people into a realization of His gift of righteousness.

The "confessions" (plural) are not meant to be about your sorrow and trying to do something over and over in order to get right with God. That would be a place of hopelessness and failure. As is typically the case, the "confession" comes back to the One that is often overlooked when staring too long at the theology tree. It's simply meant to be an acknowledgement of the Person of Jesus.

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