Sunday, January 08, 2023

893. "Just Give Me a List of Commands - So I Know What to Do"

When people disagree on various things from within the realm of religion, sometimes after the debate has run its course, the go-to statement is suggesting the Bible is our final authority. This positively sounds like a spiritual truth, but there is a bit of a problem with it ... and that is ... the very thing that is being strongly disagreed upon is something found within the pages of the Bible! In reality, what is meant with such a statement is "what we think the Bible says is our final authority."

We provide some examples of this with a perspective from a group who believes there are 1,050 required "commandments" found in the pages of the New Testament. You'll notice the lists that are found in various church statements or membership agreements vary quite a bit in length, depending on the denominational brand.

Any works-based ideology will always be vague and leave believers hungering and thirsting for more assurance and peace. While one person can find security and comfort with a message of faith, grace and love, someone else may tend to see a "do this or else" within nearly every Bible verse. Their minds were programmed to make such assumptions partly because they've never been told about what the cross of Jesus accomplished. For some, it's just a rule book (and one they can't live up to).

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