Sunday, December 11, 2022

889. How Important Is Grace? Hint: Jesus Needed It

Our narrow and limited view of eternal things can lead to a ripple effect on some of the foundational basics regarding the message of gospel. For example, grace may often be viewed as something we seek or fall back on only when we sin or fail. Surely people are saved and justified by God’s grace, but it so much more.

Consider Jesus … the Bible states the grace of God was upon Him. Jesus the man—who was also the son of God—if He didn’t sin and had no need to be saved, why did He need God’s grace to be upon Him? Why do legalistic religious advocates try to warn people about too much grace? Why do they put forth a faulty message that it gives a license to sin and that it is grace that leads to an increase in sin? How does that contrast with the many things the Apostle Paul wrote about the abundance of grace we have freely received? Let’s encourage each other in grace as we grow in our understanding of it and begin to realize that it is an integral part of our lives in Christ on an hourly and daily basis.

During this episode, Joel mentioned an article he'd written several years ago on the sufficiency of grace, and how it's not merely a subject to be talked about now and then. You can find the article here, and as a bonus, in that article you will also find a link to a much earlier podcast episode we did on grace being the essence of life in Christ.

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