Sunday, October 18, 2020

777. Giving Freely Without Obligation

If we’re giving because we feel it’s a requirement, then it’s not really giving. If we’re trying to love because we believe we are commanded to do so, then it’s not really love. However, when we begin to realize and believe in the perfect love God has or us as He demonstrated through Jesus and the cross, then we can truly begin to love in the same way God loves us. And giving is born from this kind of love. It makes no demands and yet seeks to help others in need without keeping a record of wrongdoing.

Godly giving through grace doesn’t seek self-reward or payback, but expects nothing in return. But our desire to give isn’t based upon religious requirements which preach you are to “give everything” or “surrender all to God.” It comes from within a new nature and a clean heart, gifted to us and received as a new creation in Christ.

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