Sunday, June 04, 2017

602. God's Love: Jesus Became Sin; We Became Righteous

Experiencing God’s peace and joy will be connected to gaining the understanding that His love for you has no strings attached. People often go through life wondering where they are positioned with God or they live in fear that God is angry with them. They have been smothered with teaching which proclaims faith, hope and love are based upon working at attaining a higher level of morality, an area where they are constantly falling short. God loves you because He loves you! He demonstrated this unconditional love through Jesus Christ dying for us, when all humans were still identified as sinners. He took our place by becoming sin, so we could receive His righteousness through belief, apart from works.

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  1. Fellowship of Yah: Relating The Truth To All Who Are Sent. We are striving to bring the truth of the Gospel without any obstruction of man. We teach that Genesis through Revelation is all the living Word and should be treated as such. 

    1. No doubt it's all the Word of God. Such as when Hebrews says the Old Covenant has been made obsolete. That's the Word of God. We've got to look at it all as a whole and understand the big picture, and how each part of the Word of God was put together and tells the overall story of Jesus.