Sunday, December 11, 2016

577. Forgiveness "For All Time" Through One Offering

Our focus continues on the sufficiency of Christ’s one offering that has taken away sin once and for all. While religion has promoted the false need for people to keep seeking a renewed forgiveness from God, the tenth chapter of Hebrews reveals much better news for us. All of the forgiveness God is going to give has already been poured out through this one sacrifice. Once forgiveness has occurred, there is no longer the need for another offering. Whereas the priests kept standing while seeking more forgiveness with more offerings, Jesus offered Himself once and sat down.
It is finished!

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  1. Grandson wife and I listened this morning as we do most sundays and just want to thank you guys for this podcast.We have learned so much from both of you.We rarely ever walked out of a church feeling like all is well.The Gospel really is good news.My son and his wife also listen with us when their here on sunday.We are growing in grace thanks to you.

  2. Thanks, Keith, for sharing with us that you listen with your grandson and wife, as well as your son and his wife. I'm so glad the podcast is helping you to grow in grace. Indeed, in many churches it can be very difficult to feel like all is well, as they don't really preach the good news, but rather some sort of mixture that leaves people working out on a never-ending treadmill of performance. But the gospel really is good news, as you say!