Sunday, December 28, 2014

477. No Life in the Morality Tree

Generally, religion has portrayed the foundation of the Christian message to be about making bad people into good people. But there are thousands of non-Christian religions with a similar message, so what is it that should separate the message of the gospel? The tree that Adam and Eve at from was the morality tree that represented the Mosaic law and man's efforts to pursue God through the command of right living. Both the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the Mosaic law brought death. It was all meant to show us that man could not find life by trying to do good things and avoid the bad. We needed life to be restored in us


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  1. I suppose is about turning bad people into good people but the means is the message. I think with grace bad people are turned into good people and that results in good fruits. (make the tree good and fruits will be good. Whilst without grace (by our works, religion or own strength) may be seemingly look good in the eyes of man but not God. Our fruits are considered dead works or filthy rags. So I think it is the means proclaimed which is Jesus which results in fruits by righteous through grace life.

  2. Yes indeed it is good when someone's "bad" lifestyle turns into "good," all by God's grace and not by our efforts. The main point we were making here is that the choice that we have isn't a choice between good and evil, but a choice between "good and evil" and life. The "life" tree will surely bear good fruit, that's for sure!

  3. I appreciate your ministry. Blessings