Sunday, February 02, 2014

430. Right-Standing Before God (He Did It All)

Under the Old Covenant the Jewish people worked tirelessly every single day in their attempt to establish their own righteousness before God. They didn't understand the righteousness of God that has now been revealed to us under the New Covenant since the death and resurrection of Christ. Believers today can also find themselves ignorant of God's righteousness which can lead to discouragement, unbelief or (when self-righteousness arises) even pride. Let's be reminded we have no standing before God in ourselves. Not through any one single act. Ever. Avoid the blindness of pride and the guilt-ridden road of disappointment from believing in "yourself" by trusting in His designed purpose and plan of blessing for you.

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  1. Your podcasts have always been enlightening.Many times they are very timely like this week's when I felt discouraged about choices I made.I love the 14 mins short and straight to the point method you use.Keep it up brothers

  2. Thanks so much, Fadeke. Your comment means a lot! It's amazing how God can time things out to fit exactly when a person needs it. :)