Sunday, December 22, 2013

425. When God Became Human (Merry Christmas)

We know Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. But something that is often overlooked: "Why" was Jesus born of a woman to spend time on the earth as a man? Why was it necessary? The arrival of this child was planned from the foundation of the world and oh what a plan it was.

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  1. Hey guys I was wondering which view of the atonement you believe in Penal Substitution or Christus Victor. Just wondering and Merry Christmas.

  2. Is there another choice? I pick door #3. lol :D But seriously, I suppose my personal view would fall somewhere in between, as well as somewhere outside the ways that people have defined those terms. In short, I prefer to simply go with what the Bible says about the sacrifice of Jesus, and leave it to the theological types to debate the theological terms. :)

    1. Not bad brother. Not bad. LOL. I've been on a grace journey so to speak the past year, and your podcasts have been a blessing.