Sunday, December 15, 2013

424. The Nature of Grace: Christ Is Our Life

Much has been said about accepting Jesus Christ into our lives, yet the gospel declares that He has accepted you into His life. Our past life does not exist before God because that person died at the cross with Christ. The pure nature of grace that brought salvation apart from works is often frowned upon by those who can't pull away from the magnet of self-righteousness. Why? They stumble over the idea that grace is sovereign. Grace has no fulfilled conditions on man's part to wait for and it can and often does place the worst deservers in the highest favors.

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  1. I remember saying this and the response was "Well you are arguing semantics." I was thinking how? There is no verse in the Bible that says we have to invite Jesus in our life. What is He lost? He is our everything, in fact He is OUR LIFE.