Sunday, August 05, 2012

354. Covenant Confusion #4: Comparing Counterfeit Copies to Christ

The entire old covenant that the Jewish people were under was built on a foundation of imitation. The 1st covenant with its commandments and repeated sacrifices according to the law were just copies and shadows of the real deal. It was only symbolic and was not able to bring true remission (forgiveness) nor did it bring the removal of sins.

Jesus came to take away the 1st covenant altogether in order to establish the 2nd. We should not be trying to figure out how to apply old covenant copies and shadows (fakes) into our new lives in Christ. We now have the original.

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  1. If we were never under the old coveant were we ever sinners, because we live on this side of the cross. Adam sin caused all to be sinner, Jesus caused all to be righteous. So should we be id as sinners?

  2. On this side of the cross, we have the opportunity to receive the gift of righteousness or to reject it. Jesus provided all that was needed, but God gives us the freedom of choice to believe it or not.

  3. Not sure if Kap is still using that term or not, but I can't agree with the terminology of "fake" as applied to old testament shadows. Still love ya Kap, but it just isn't correct, as "fake" would imply that it was a replacement of some kind. Instead it was a shadow, meaning the physical thing is nearby. Its no more fake than the spiritual dimension is, although it isn't physical either. I see it as Jesus standing in the future, and throwing his "shadow" into the past so they could see some One was coming. It prepared them for what (who) was coming, and taught them the need for the blood, so they would be able to recognize Him when He came. So it was a type of prophecy, not a imitation or substitute. Not sure if Kap still uses that or not, as I don't plan to listen to what's current until I catch up (getting there!) but I thought that was worth noting. :) The podcasts are awesome, thanks for doing them!

    1. Hi Connie,

      You can rest easy in knowing the term "fakes" is rarely used by me or in our future podcasts. The point being made is that the law was a shadow and was not the true form of the "reality" (the Christ of the New Covenant). It is also described as a "copy" which is why the title of the program for this podcast uses the word counterfeit. A copy can appear to look the same as the original, but it is not the same nor can it succeed in doing what the original can do. It is unaccomplished and of no value. The copy (the Mosaic law) was useless, offered repeated sacrifices which could not take away sin and was put aside to be replaced by what is real and authentic (Christ the SUBSTANCE).

      So indeed while the law was a shadow of what would be coming, the substance belongs to Christ (Colossians 2:16-17). While religious people are teaching to embrace the shadow, they should be teaching people to wrap their arms around Christ, the real deal, the substance. Christ is faith personified, but the law is not of faith.

      When my brother & I were kids, we would make model airplanes and cars that looked like the real thing but of course, they were just an imitation. The same is true for the tabernacle God instructed Moses to make. It was a model of something else.

      So we actually see in Hebrews 8-10 where the writer doesn't entirely compare but rather contrasts the shadows and copies of the old to the substance Christ.