Sunday, November 13, 2011

317. Unbelievers: Are They Rejecting God or Is It the Wrong Message?

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We all know people who have refused to embrace the Gospel, chosen to ignore it's message or not to believe. But our discussion this week examines the likelihood that many of these so-called unbelievers haven't necessarily rejected the true Gospel but rather a message that wasn't really the Gospel at all. They haven't believed the Good News because they haven't heard what it really is. They may have a negative view of God because of misinformation.

So what is the true Gospel message? We think once most people begin to understand the answer to this question without it being tainted by religion and a confusing old covenant mixture they will respond to the Lord with belief and thanksgiving. Knowing that God is good, that He accepts them and is not against them will bring a change of mind. People simply need to hear the message of unconditional love and that it has already been demonstrated to them by God Himself. We don't have to shoot the messenger, but the message on the other hand...

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