Sunday, October 23, 2011

314. Paul Addressing Sin in the Church

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We're shifting gears just a bit this week, taking just a few minutes to discuss something that our Growing in Grace podcast doesn't normally focus on. As we all know, Paul talked in depth about how our sin has been completely forgiven and taken away through Christ and how we've become the righteousness of God in Christ through nothing less than a free gift from God. That's normally our focus here, as well as our new identity that we have in Christ.

But Paul also addressed other things as well, and one of the issues that he addressed from time to time was the issue of sinful behavior in the church. As people who love and stand deeply rooted in God's love and grace, we need not shy away from looking into the question of how to deal with things when the way we live doesn't line up with our new identity in Christ. In particular this week, we look into an extreme example that Paul dealt with in the Corinthian church - a matter of sexual immorality.

There is no condemnation for those are in Christ Jesus, so listen in as we look at the good news in regards to this issue that much of the church tends to deal with in a legalistic sense and doesn't normally seem to connect with good news!

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