Sunday, September 18, 2011

309. Are We Cursed When We Sin and Blessed When We're Good?

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In the Old Covenant, there was a lot of talk about blessings and curses. God's law was full of various blessings for the people if they obeyed, and various curses if they disobeyed. Is this still true in New Covenant life?

Is it only when you're being "good" that you can experience God's blessings? When you're sinning, are you kept from God's blessings, and even worse, are you cursed, judged or punished by God? Are God's blessings based upon our behavior?

We may live with a lot of unnecessary fear and an unnecessary feeling of separation from God if we don't understand His unconditional love and all that was accomplished with the death and resurrection of Jesus. We may not fully experience the blessings that He has freely given us if we think His blessings are based upon anything less than the finished work of Christ!

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