Sunday, July 03, 2011

298. Do Prayer and Bible Reading Make Us Closer to God?

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Last week we looked at some of the so-called "spiritual disciplines," including prayer and Bible reading. We talked about how these things can often become heavy and burdensome legalistic duties. They can become lifeless laws and rules in the lives of sincere people. And yet of course they can be really good things as well!

So this week we look at how prayer and Bible reading can be really wonderful things, while at the same time asking questions such as, "will we 'starve' spiritually if we don't pray and read our Bibles daily or on set schedules?" Do we need to have a regular "quiet time" in order to hear from God? Will our Bible reading "feed" us and will our prayers bring us "closer to God"? Why do we pray and read our Bibles? Join us as we chat about these things from a relational point of view, rather than a legalistic point of view.

Here's this week's GIG-Bite, a quick sample of this week's program.

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  1. Fabulous overall summary on the New Covenant walk with God (prayer, bible study, etc.) - and in less than 15 minutes! Almost as efficient as a tract.

    Very helpful podcast.

  2. You're right Joel, I did see one on a bathroom stall wall. It said "for a good time call GIG".