Sunday, June 26, 2011

297. Pray, Read Bible, Witness - Legalism or Life?

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Continuing on with our theme that we began last week, this week we take a look at a few more things that may be considered "good news" by some but really amount to nothing more that "bad news." Or sometimes they may really be good news from a certain perspective, but have often been turned into bad news in the church today.

What about the "spiritual disciplines" (as they're often called in the church) of prayer, Bible reading and witnessing? These are some of the first activities or "disciplines" that people are introduced to when they come into a church or "discipleship" setting. All too often they are perhaps looked at with great joy at first, and people make great attempts to follow through on these activities frequently and faithfully... only to have them become heavy and burdensome activities over time. These things end up becoming lifeless laws and rules in the lives of sincere people.

So what would we say to give a "good news" perspective on these things? Listen in as we talk about these things as expressions of Christ's life in us rather than legalistic rules and rituals to follow.

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