Sunday, May 01, 2011

289. Sin Taken Away Once and for All

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Talking this week about the good news that through the ONE sacrifice of Christ - the one SUFFICIENT sacrifice of Christ - sin has been taken away once and for all!  Walking daily with this knowledge, you can live freely in your relationship with God. Free of guilt and condemnation, and free of a conscience of sin toward God.  There was one sacrifice for sin, and it was sufficient. There is no other sacrifice! So when your actions are contrary to your new nature in Christ, you can trust that through this one sacrifice your sin has been taken away forever.

Here's this week's GIG-Bite, a quick sample of this week's program.

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  1. Great post guys. Listening to your discussions has really helped me tremendously. About 7 seven months ago I was really depressed about how badly I was living my life. At one point I was kinda certain that if I died I would go to hell, and I'd been a christian for more than 24 years. Between you guys, Steve McVey, and Ralph Harris, and the Spirit of the Lord, my outlook on life is really turning around. I just want to say thanks for your ministry.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Tony. The gospel really is good news, isn't it. :) At times I've had my own doubts about my salvation. The fear, guilt and despondency is really hard to live with. So I know it's so important to be rooted and grounded in these foundational gospel truths about our secure and solid identity in Christ, and His unconditional love and grace.

    Grace and peace to you, Tony.