Sunday, January 23, 2011

275. To Be Right With God We Did Nothing But Believe!

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Question: What can a person DO to become righteous in God's eyes? And what does it mean to be righteous, anyway?

The word "righteous" simply means to be right with God. It means that a person has been made acceptable to God. So how does this happen? Is it through baptism? Is it through communion? Is it through good behavior and/or law-keeping? What can a person DO to gain right standing with God?

The truth is, a person can DO NOTHING to attain right standing with God! The gospel (good news) reveals that righteousness has come as a gift, simply through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. HE has done all the work. We simply believe.

It's very important for people to be established in this! If a person starts off with the wrong foundation - that somehow there's something that they must do to become righteous or to maintain right standing with God - then the rest of the Christian life will be built upon a faulty and crumbly foundation. There's a good chance that there will be unnecessary guilt and condemnation, or a feeling of distance from God, when in fact He has freely provided the way for a person to be completely acceptable to Him. Simply trust in what God has already done for you, and allow yourself to experience the joy and freedom that He has lavishly provided for you!

Here's this week's GIG-Bite, a quick sample of this week's program.

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