Friday, September 03, 2010

Joel's Testimony During the Online International Grace Party

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During today's online International Grace Party, I shared my testimony of coming to Christ and some of the process of growing in grace up till now.  As I look back on my life, it's fun to look back and put some of the pieces together that show how I've been shaped the way that I am today.  At each point in sharing my testimony, I was tempted to further elaborate on various things, because it's so wonderful to see some of the details in all the things that God has done.  But that would've taken far too long, so here's the nutshell version that I shared today.

By the way, the article that I wrote that I mentioned and began to read during my testimony is found here.


  1. Thanks for sharing Joel....nice hearing about your journey....I love that Grace drove you to the Word and thinking for yourself...which I equate to listening to Him and beginning that real relationship with Him that He is all about. So much more to be said I am sure and condensing makes it seem so easy ... lots of bumps and bruises along the way I am sure...He has brought you to this point today....this moment, He is there, in you, with you and you wear Him well. God bless brother!

  2. Thanks so much, Vanessa! Yes indeed, condensing it all into 20 minutes made it impossible to share the bumps and bruises that came along with all of this. I pretty much hit some of the highlights.

    And you're right... when I talked about 'thinking for myself,' I truly meant that instead of simply believing everything that I was being taught, I instead went to the Bible and to God Himself in a real relationship sense, and that was truly a good thing.

    Thanks for sharing here. Would love to have you be a part of the IGP if you're ever able. :)