Sunday, September 26, 2010

259. Struggling With Experiencing God's Rest

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This week we read an email from someone who is struggling with "God's rest," and then we talk about living in God's rest and peace that is already ours. The person who sent the email says he has "believed so many paralyzing lies and accusations." This is a real issue for far too many people, in varying degrees.

For many, the root of the problem is that they don't have a good understanding or grasp of the truth of their identity in Christ. The truth is, we do have peace with God and we have entered into His rest, not because of anything we've done to attain it, but solely because of the blood of Jesus and our union with Him. The truth of our identity remains rock solid, even when our feelings and emotions would lie to us and tell us otherwise.  One of the keys to ending the struggle with not being able to experience God's rest is to believe what He says to be true about us, instead of believing those lies.

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