Sunday, August 15, 2010

253. Freed from Sin By Being Freed From the Moral Law!

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It's a pretty common mindset that in order to be free of the entanglements of sin, we must follow God's moral laws (the "Ten Commandments"). But is that what the Bible says? To the contrary, God's moral laws are known as the ministry of death and condemnation, and they are called "bondage" by the Apostle Paul.

After the Galatians had been set free through having the gospel declared to them, and they had initially believed in the free gift of the righteousness of God, they eventually went back to the Law. They had gone back into the bondage of the prison from which they had been set free! Paul wrote to them to set them straight again on all of this, reminding them that what had come from Mt. Sinai (the Ten Commandments) had only given birth to bondage. He told them to cast it out and instead to live in the freedom for which Christ had set them free!

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