Sunday, May 30, 2010

243. A New Covenant - Not a Hybrid Covenant

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In much of the church world today, what we seem to have is a mixture - a hybrid - of the Old Covenant and the actual New Covenant. But are we meant to mix the two Covenants? Hebrews says that God has made the first covenant "obsolete" and that it is "vanishing away." And so questions come up such as, "If the Old Covenant is a valid part of the Bible, why then don't we keep it?" "Why is it said to be obsolete?"

The answer is quite simple: The Cross of Jesus Christ changed everything. Everything changed at the Cross. This week we discuss some more of the differences between the Old and the New, and some of the changes that took place due to the Cross.

For example, one of the differences: The Old Covenant had many priests, who offered sacrifices continually, but they were prevented by death from continuing and nothing they did could ever make us perfect or take away our sins. The New Covenant came about came about through One Person, one sacrifice for all, through a Priest who lives forever and therefore has an "unchangeable priesthood," and through this one sacrifice our sins have been taken away and we have been "perfected forever" and "saved to the uttermost."

The Old had to be taken out of the way; It had to be made obsolete.  By the very nature of each covenant, it's impossible to mix them.

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