Sunday, April 11, 2010

236. Tithing - Not a Model for New Covenant Giving

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Continuing on in our "tithing/giving" series this week with a look at a pretty big supply of Old Covenant passages that have to do with tithing. Last week we talked about the "go-to passage" that is brought up by Christians who teach tithing - Malachi 3 - and this week we look a bit more into that, including a brief look at what the "storehouse" is and isn't. Is today's "church" the New Covenant version of the Old Covenant storehouse? Is today's "pastor" the New Covenant version of the Old Covenant priests? Did tithing and the storehouse have anything to do with income?

We then talk about the multitude of passages that have to do with the Old Covenant laws on tithing, as Malachi 3 was simply the Lord's rebuke of Israel for not staying with the system that He had set in place for specific purposes under that covenant. The system of tithing was set up as one part of a much larger system/covenant that has nothing to do with Christianity! We in the church today have mistakenly "Christianized" this old system. Next week we'll talk about Hebrews 7, as well as what Jesus was talking about when He briefly mentioned the tithe.

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